If Trader Joes’ recipes are anything like their products, we’re about to fall in love.

By Grace Elkus
January 09, 2019

From citrusy baked oatmeal to spicy cornbread, these dishes are sure to become part of your weekly rotation.

If Trader Joes’ recipes are anything like their products, we’re about to fall in love—and fast. In this month’s (the grocery store’s monthly newsletter), Trader Joe’s unleashed 15 of their all-time favorite recipes, starring their own cult-favorite products. They’re all perfectly suited for chilly weather, so stop by your local store and whip one up tonight.

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  1. : This spicy side dish comes together quickly, thanks to . Top with their Clarified Butter and a drizzle of honey for a sweet-and-savory finish.
  2. : This three-ingredient appetizer will quickly become a favorite for easy entertaining. All you need is .
  3. : Store-bought acai bowls are often loaded with sugar, and aren’t exactly easy on the wallet. Trader Joes’ acai puree packets are sugar-free, and a pack of four costs just $4.50. Top the smoothie bowl with .
  4. : combine for an easy, flavorful breakfast packed with spice.
  5. : Perhaps the best make-ahead breakfast there is, this oatmeal is packed with citrus, and is guaranteed to be a total crowd-pleaser. is added for extra crunch.
  6. : This creative breakfast (a play on yogurt and oats) requires just four ingredients: . Stir them together in a resealable jar, and you’ll have a creamy treat waiting for you in the morning.
  7. : The recipe for these mega muffins was born in a TJ staffer’s home kitchen. Frank makes them with and suggests serving them warm, with butter.
  8. : Forget peanut butter cookies. These 5-ingredient treats are made with for a simple, chewy, nut-free cookie.
  9. : What do you get when you combine ? A loaf of savory, golden banana bread that will quickly be devoured.
  10. : While you heat up a box of Trader Joes’ famous to crumble overtop (along with cheese and chives, of course). Genius.
  11. : This recipe takes the intimidation out of chicken by providing you with the for the glaze. The result is a surprisingly elegant main dish.
  12. : If you need to feed a crowd, this chicken is your answer: it comes together in the slow cooker and is served with .
  13. : When you wrap , you get a pasty: a hand-held savory dish popular in Cornwall, England.
  14. : Everyone loves a good black bean and corn salsa, so why not use it for more than just a dip? Here, and mixed with diced tomatoes for a hearty lunch best served with sour cream and cilantro.
  15. : This winter-y side dish transforms slaw into a warm, flavorful salad.

While you're at Trader Joe's, be sure to pick up some of .