Please don’t eat the art

Image by @theavocadoshow via Instagram

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If you’ve ever spent more time than you’d care to admit making an avocado rose, buckle down for the next big thing in —but this time, it’s actually pretty amazing. Intricately carved designs in are showing up all over social media, and they’re way more beautiful than the now infamous green flower. The image that incited this recent fury gained traction on Reddit, where one user went so far as to compare the to the ornate designs of the dragon eggs in the Harry Potter series. 

Australia-based artist , the mastermind behind the most detailed designs, created the trending piece of art for , an avocado-themed cafe and art exhibition in Amsterdam. Barresi isn’t the only one taking a carving knife to her produce. As Barresi’s work began to create buzz, other Instagrammers started to display their avocado artwork. From to sliced to , the avocado art frenzy is coming. 

Considering all the obnoxious and impractical things social media has made us do to avocados lately (ahem, and ), I must admit I’m not mad at this new, slightly more meticulous direction avocado art is heading. The amount of work that goes into each detailed avocado carving simply feels so much more worthy of going viral than other recent trends. As great lover of underappreciated , I may be biased, but I really hope avocado art hangs around for a while.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m definitely itching to pull out the sculpting tool set I bought in high school to give this a try. Though, PSA to future avocado artists: Before trying this new medium, please learn the proper way to cut and pit the fruit—you don’t want to be the next victim of avocado hand.