By Aurelie Corinthios, People
April 05, 2017

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 has openly documented her battle with cancer — and her couldn’t be prouder of her.

“Shannen’s incredible,” Gellar, 39, told  on Monday. “What she’s done for other women going through it is so brave, and that’s what real bravery is — to be able to go through the hardest time of your life and show people it’s okay to be scared, and it’s okay to be vulnerable, and you can do it.”

Doherty, 45,  in August 2015. Since opening up about her diagnosis, the actress has frequently shared health updates with followers and fans on social media, including and heading into appointments with her .

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In February, Doherty and Gellar attended an intense dance together, which they documented heavily on social media.

“The fact that she gets up and goes to those dance classes? The last thing I want to do is go to these really hard dance classes and sweat that hard and work that hard,” Gellar admitted. “But I have to remind myself that if she’s getting up there and doing it, then it’s important that I do it, too.”