“I was very uncomfortable about it because I am a breast cancer survivor,” the actress told Andy Cohen.

By Karen Mizoguchi and Dave Quinn
October 18, 2017

This originally appeared on People.com.

has been watching this season of  and relates to ‘s cancer battle.

On Monday’s episode of  the actress opened up about the 44-year-old reality star, who underwent a  weeks before joining the hit Bravo show’s 12th season.

Sulahian’s decision to get the procedure came after  — though Sulahian failed to mention that to her RHOC cast members at first, instead telling them that she went through with the bilateral mastectomy despite that fact that her BRCA gene testing, which helps women know their chance of getting breast and ovarian cancer, came back negative.

That lack of information left her fellow Orange County Housewives confused later when she said she had been diagnosed with cancer. But Wilson — who  exclusively in March 2015 that she was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma and underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction — understood Sulahian’s story and pointed her frustration back toward the other ladies.

“I was very uncomfortable about it because I am a breast cancer survivor,” the actress, 60, told WWHL host .

“I was initially misdiagnosed and a very dear friend of mine said, ‘You have to go get a second opinion on your pathology,’ and that came back cancerous,” Wilson added. “If she didn’t initially feel or was told that perhaps she didn’t have cancer, it’s not necessarily true until you get the pathology tested, so I felt that that was really unfair.”

Wilson declared that  in December 2015. On WWHL, she stressed to Cohen the importance of staying on top of one’s health.  “Being breast cancer awareness month, I think it’s important for us to get as many second opinions as we can and get checkups,” she said.

Previously, Sulahian — whose mother died of breast cancer when Sulahian was just 21 years old — admitted that she regretted sharing her diagnosis with her costars, telling Bravo’s  “interrogation is not supportive.”

As of now, Sulahian — who will document the process of getting reconstructive surgery on the show — is “100 percent cancer free.”

“Please stay on top of your appointments in order to dodge this terrible disease,” she wrote on her  back in August. “I want to emphasize that testing negative on the BRCA gene does NOT guarantee being free of cancer. Putting your life in the hands of a reconstructive surgeon isn’t easy. It’s a long healing process mentally and physically, but completely worth not living the rest of your life in fear. I’m currently considering becoming active in the cancer communities, in order to offer my advice, hear more stories, and provide emotional support for women encountering the road block in their life.”

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