By Julie Mazziotta,
April 25, 2017
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Students at the University of California Davis can now get Plan B from a vending machine on campus.

A UC Davis study room has a “Wellness to Go” vending machine, which , along with pregnancy tests, condoms, pain reliever and tampons, according to .

The machine was installed in early April after two years of lobbying by former student senator Parteek Singh.

“The more skeptical and negativity I got from other people like, ‘Oh it’s not gonna happen,’ kind of pushed me more,” Singh told KTXL. “I feel like every college should have this.”

Each box of the  costs $30 from the vending machine  , while it generally goes for .

While Singh and others are fans of the vending machine, one student was concerned .

“It is promoting like, ‘Oh hey, go and have unsafe sex because then you have a backup option and its gonna be cheaper than if you just wanna go to a drug store,” student Jordan Herrera told KTXL.

Student KC Cui disagreed, adding, “It’s a great thing for women.”