Tights are a major staple of the fall/winter closet.

By Anneke Knot
February 06, 2019

They certainly set a royal standard.

Tights are a major staple in my fall/winter closet. Without them, my over-the- would be rendered completely useless from the month of October to March (okay, okay May). Despite my need for a sturdy pair of tights the majority of the year, the market has proved largely disappointing.

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Heist Studios

Some brands promise larger-than-life abilities. "Even a knife can't poke a hole in these tights." It can. Some aim for a more realistic approach. "They're nylons. They will rip, but these are better than most." Unfortunately, a title of "better than most" isn't much of a title at all.

So, I took inspiration from the most famous woman wearing tights in this moment. You guessed it: .

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Now that Meghan Markle is royalty, her nylons have become of the upmost importance. How could we forget her debut as a royal? Nude tights have never looked so good.

After a little digging, I discovered the Duchess's first choice in hosiery. , a hosiery brand unimpressed with women's lingerie options (hear, hear!) aims to provide all women, regardless of race or size, comfortable and durable tights that they can move in.

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With that mission statement, I was hooked, so I ordered a pair of The Fifty in black ($38; ). After they arrived, I put them to the test the best way I knew how. If these tights could survive a day in the life of a beauty editor–between New York City subways, endless events, and hauling 20+ packages up to our office–they could survive anything.

Surprisingly enough, they did. After I wore them a few times during the week, the tights didn't run, tear, or rip. The high-waisted fit hugged my lower tummy without suffocating me. Plus, the material is oddly comfortable. I didn't realize how much I loved them until I put on a different pair of tights.

The comparison shocked me. All the tights I had were scratchy material, pilling fabric, and never actually fit my body.

It was official. After I tried Heist, I couldn't settle for what I had before. I introduced my old stockings to their new home, the trash, and we parted ways for good.

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