By Julie Mazziotta, People
April 24, 2017

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lost back in 2012, and she’s with a healthy outlook on nutrition.

“To me, health is wealth!” the singer, 27, tells PEOPLE. “We can enrich our lives in so many ways when we are fueled by the proper nutrition and feeling good from the inside out.”

The 5’10” Sparks, who recently starred in The Grace of Jake, also started to avoid getting hangry.

“I wanted to try eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals,” she explains. “I like it a lot better and I don’t feel like I’m starving at any time. Just ‘grazing’ and fueling my body.”

Check out Sparks’  below, and for  and workouts, pick up a copy of PEOPLE, on stands now.


About a gallon of water


Herbalife Vanilla Alternative Proteins shake, mixed with water


¼ cup of mixed nuts

First Lunch

Grilled chicken with brown rice and asparagus

Second Lunch

2 hard-boiled eggs

4 homemade turkey and beef meatballs


Celery sticks with peanut butter


Caesar salad with grilled salmon


Pinkberry original frozen yogurt with strawberries and mango

Total Calories:


The Verdict:

"Jordin’s protein game is strong," says Chicago-based dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, "but her produce and whole grains could use a boost." Starting with breakfast, Blatner recommends adding greens to Sparks’ smoothie blend, which comes in at just 100 calories. "It’s more of a snack than a meal," explains Blatner. But Sparks’ snacks are great picks with plenty of filling protein. She gets high marks for her first lunch, a "perfectly balanced meal" of protein, whole grains and vegetables. Her second lunch could actually do with less protein, says Blatner, who recommends swapping the hard-boiled eggs for brown rice pasta and Parmesan-roasted zucchini. But Sparks is right back on track with her dinner and dessert. "Having occasional treats is a great idea, and it’s perfect that you go out to have it instead of keeping tempting treats at home," Blatner says. "And it’s smart to have fresh fruit instead of high-calorie, junky candy toppings."

NOTE: It is  that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, and men eat at least 1,800 calories per day.

Additional reporting by JEFF NELSON