Teigen has always been open about her body.

By Jen Juneau
January 08, 2019

is taking home an unlikely souvenir from her tropical vacation.

The model and cookbook author has been soaking up the sun alongside husband and their two children — son , 7 months, and daughter , 2½ — sharing envy-inducing snapshots from their family getaway on social media over the past week.

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But on Monday, 33-year-old Teigen got candid about one of the not-so-positive experiences she was currently having: hives, in a very inconvenient location.

“I have hives on my butt. Do you want to see it? It’s gross,” she that, as of Tuesday morning, had the majority of voters opting “Yes” and the latter choosing, “No please god.”

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“Okay enough people do not want to see my butt so I will spare you butt hives. What about my thigh hives? Very similar and includes fun stretchies,” Teigen wrote in that had a greater percentage of yes votes — so naturally, she obliged.

“The people have spoken,” she wrote, of her left inner thigh covered in red splotches, with light-colored stretch marks visible near the top.

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Teigen has always been open about her , going so far in the January issue of Elle U.K. as to call out doctoring stretch marks out of photos.

“Everyone insane,” she remarked. “And I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re the only ones [with stretch marks].”

The  host also said that she realized that stretch marks were nothing to worry about during her modeling days.

“I was on a Victoria’s Secret shoot and it was a big turning point for me to see those women with scars bruises,” Teigen shared. “Who’s to say it’s even a flaw?”

For Teigen, Legend and their kids’ post-holidays holiday, they have jetted off to a tropical destination, and are on Instagram.

“Not safe for blur-k ????” Teigen captioned a photo of herself posing with pals and Meghan Mackenzie. In the photo, the women were , and Teigen had blurred out parts of each of their bodies.

“I HATE THINKING OF CAPTIONS Jen’s gonna kill me,” she added.

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