She became dehydrated while cutting weight so she would be eligible to compete.

By Maria Pasquini
November 21, 2017

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An 18-year-old Australian woman died while cutting weight for an amateur , according to multiple reports.

According to , just one day before the fight was scheduled to take place, Jessica Lindsay collapsed from severe while she was running.  reported that she died four days later in a Perth hospital.

Leading up to her collapse, Lindsay had been cutting weight so she would be eligible to compete in the amateur fight, which had a weigh-in at 64 kilograms (which is approximately 141 lbs), the 9NEWS report said.

While the Combat Sports Commission has said that weight-cutting is not covered in its legislation, they are “constantly reviewing processes and guidelines around contest health and safety,” according to Sporting News.

9NEWS reported Lindsay’s death will be investigated by the coroner.

A  page set up by a friend of the teen — which is raising money to help pay for funereal costs — also claimed that there were similarities between Lindsay’s death and the death of Jordan Coe. According to  Coe was a professional Muay Thai fighter who died in March of a suspected heat stroke while cutting weight for a fight.

The fundraising page also stated that it hopes that the teen’s “legacy will make a change and stop this from happening to anyone else.”