You don’t HAVE to use your slow cooker for every dish this Thanksgiving, but, in theory, you could.

November 11, 2016
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Calling all who lean on and cherish their slow cookers through the hustle in bustle of day-to-day life, and are ready to take that relationship to the next level: bringing it to family Thanksgiving.

As any Crockpot convert knows, slow cookers are crazy versatile and highly lovable (no matter what the haters say). Minimal prep is required for slow cooking, creating time for other things–thus, making them the perfect kitchen assistant during the holidays. The humble appliance grants us–the frazzled home cook with 6 billion things to do–the freedom to walk away from a specific dish, or even the kitchen altogether, for hours. The cooker does the work. The cooker gives us confidence.

Now, let’s get down to the matter at hand: Thanksgiving. You don’t HAVE to use your slow cooker for every dish this Thanksgiving, but, in theory, you could. Pick and choose what makes the most sense to you in order to free up some of your time, attention, and oven/stovetop space. From pre-feast breakfast, to cocktails, to the turkey itself, the slow cooker can show up and show out. Here are some of our favorite slow cooker recipes to get you all the way through Thanksgiving day:

A Smooth Sailin’ Breakfast

 earlier in the week, no Thanksgiving cook has time to get off-track cooking breakfast. But breakfast is made easy when done in the slow cooker. Your holiday guests can eat as they please and you can keep on keeping on with the turkey day prep. For a wholesome oatmeal recipe that you throw together the day-of, try our recipe. If you wanna try a more festive version that could be made the night before, go for . For a savory option, try these  and allow your family to personalize their bowl of grits with toppings like hot sauce, green onion, Gouda, sharp cheddar, or crumbled bacon.

Soul-Warming Drinks All Day

Whether it’s spiked, spicy, or sweet, nothing says holiday cheer like sipping a warm drink. Treat your guests to any of our , from  in the morning with breakfast,  in the afternoon, and to keep cozy on Thanksgiving night. Your slow cooker keeps it warm so that your guests can serve themselves throughout the day.

Appetizers (to serve as that makeshift “other meal” on Thanksgiving)

If you plan on serving an appetizer or second lighter meal on turkey day, try our . It’s satisfying but also leaves room for the real deal. This crowd-pleasing  can be served with soft or hard pretzels, pita chips, corn chips, or tortilla chips… no matter what you serve it with, it’s always a winner. You’ll want to make this  on the stove, but serve it out of your slow cooker outside of mealtime as a constant warm snack for your guests. For something a little meatier,   are an excellent option for a satisfying snack. Some people eat a late Thanksgiving meal, sort of a lunch-dinner hybrid, so these come in handy around noon.

Homemade candies are a fun and easy way to treat your guests during the day or as parting gifts. Plus, they basically double as holiday decoration when placed on a festive platter on the coffee table. Make a batch of  or  and keep your fingers crossed that there are leftovers.

The Thanksgiving Meal

It’s not common to see a WHOLE turkey cooked in the slow cooker (good luck finding a slow cooker big enough), but for a less involved Thanksgiving main, you can definitely make moist and marvelous turkey breasts, like in our . If you are serving a smaller crowd this year, perhaps just you and your significant other, and aren’t totally committed to turkey, there are countless comforting slow cooker chicken dishes perfect for your table.  has a holiday feel and flavor, and our  allows you to slow cook an entire 4 pound chicken to achieve that traditional whole bird centerpiece.

Thanksgiving must-haves like  , Classic  ,  (complete with the Pecan Topping), can likewise all be prepared to perfection in your slow cooker. After you’ve covered the basics, consider adding another less expected side to liven up the meal. , , , , or  are all great options to consider.

Must-Have Desserts

Ah, yes, what some (i.e. me) might argue is the most important meal of the day. Not only can you make cake in a slow cooker, but you can also make . Both this  or our highly popular  will make the biggest chocolate lovers swoon, while  is likewise a decadent and delightful option for the Kahlúa-lover in us all.

You might use it for assistance on one or two recipes, or you might use it for the whole feast; either way, don’t hesitate to tap your slow cooker for turkey day aid. As evidenced by the recipes above, your slow cooker always has your back–no matter the meal.


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