The versatile kettlebell can test your strength, endurance, and core balance all in one quick and simple workout session.

This originally appeared on Life by Daily Burn.

It’s time to show up to your workout with bells on — and we’re not just talking about your enthusiasm.  deliver a unique and powerful workout that’s hard to mimic with other equipment. Just take it from Dara Theodore, a lead trainer for  (now available for premium users) and kettlebell-certified instructor. “Kettlebells have an edge in improving  stability, , strength and endurance,” she says. “The handle and position of the weight allow for more seamless transitions from skill to skill, providing a great metabolic workout.”

In other words, you’ll blast mega calories and build muscle all over with each kettlebell move. And that’s especially true when you follow these three combo exercises, borrowed from Theodore’s . “Together, these skills effectively work your , upper body and core,” she says. “They utilize push and  and represent movement in all planes of motion.” So ring that bell — we have a winner!


3 Exercises for a Quick, Effective Kettlebell Workout

Like every workout in the , you can complete this kettlebell workout in less time than it takes to boil your post-cardio pasta. Continuously do six reps of each move, in order, until your 10 minutes is up. Also known as an AMRAP routine — as many rounds as possible — try to take as little rest as possible between rounds. “This can be a good benchmark for you to test over time,” Theodore explains. As your fitness level increases, the number of rounds you complete should increase, too.

Now, grab both a heavy kettlebell and a lighter one that you can lift. Then push hard through the full 10 minutes, while maintaining solid form. You’ll see just how much strength and  you can ring in, in just a few minutes flat.


 Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press Exercise


1. Reverse Lunge to Press

How to: Using a lighter weight kettlebell than what you’d use to swing, stand and hold the kettlebell in racked position (over your wrist and at your shoulder) with your right hand. Feet should be hip-width apart (a). Step your left leg back into a reverse lunge, both knees bent 90 degrees (b). Step back up to hip-width apart (c). Then press the kettlebell straight over head, keeping your abs engaged so you maintain a neutral spine position (d). Repeat, then switch sides.


 Goblet Clean to Squat


2. Goblet Clean to Squat

How to: Start standing with feet hip-width apart. Place a heavier kettlebell between your feet, the back of it in line with your toes (a). Hinge forward at the hips, keeping your back flat and grab the kettlebell handle with both hands (b). Drive through your legs and lift the kettlebell to your chest, catching it at the bottom of the handle with both hands (c). Push your hips back and lower your butt down to do a , keeping the kettlebell at your chest (d). Then drop the kettlebell back down to the ground, bringing your hands back on top of the handle (e). Repeat.


 Lateral Lunge to Row Exercise


3. Lateral Lunge to Row

How to: Start standing with feet just a few inches apart. Hold the lighter kettlebell with your left hand (a). Step to the side with your right leg, push your hips back and lower your butt down to perform a lateral lunge. Kettlebell comes to the inside of your left foot, slightly across your body (b). Step back up to stand (c). Next, step back with your left leg, hinge forward at the hips and rest your right forearm on your right thigh (d). Perform one row with your left hand by pulling your elbow back and hand up to your chest (e). Step back up to stand and repeat. Then switch sides.