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You can even Marie Kondo your workout equipment.

By Braelyn Wood
August 28, 2019
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As a city dweller, I understand the struggle of constantly trying to maximize your space. For some people, that means a Murphy bed, but for the fitness-focused, it’s all about finding compact workout gear that you can fit into your tight living quarters. And that’s where adjustable dumbbells come into play. 

Easily one of the greatest modern workout inventions, the best adjustable dumbbells on the market allow you to forego an entire weight rack with just one piece of equipment. That means, instead of having 15 pairs of multi-sized weights cluttering your bedroom corner, you can change the weight on a single set of dumbbells to match the different exercises within your workout routine.

Based on your fitness goals and budget, it’s super easy to find an adjustable dumbbell set suited to your needs. cost a fraction of the price of their competitors, but require more time to manually adjust the weighted plates with screws. Pricier options, like   ($249; ), work by simply turning a dial to select your preferred weight. Slightly bulkier than the loose plate set-ups, these advanced systems are super easy to use and save you precious time when moving between sets or various exercises (especially during HIIT). There’s even an that uses the weight of water for resistance, making it a great pick for frequent travelers who want to keep up with weight training on the go.

To ensure you find the very best option to upgrade your at-home workout routine, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best adjustable dumbbells on Amazon, according to customer reviews. Whether you’re a strength-training beginner or an experienced body-building competitor, read on to discover your best pick.

  1. Best Overall:
  2. Best Cheap:
  3. Best Iron:
  4. Best 100-Pound Weights:
  5. Best 50-Pound Weights:
  6. Best 25-Pound Weights:
  7. Best Anti-Roll:
  8. Best with Connector:
  9. Best with Stand:
  10. Best for Travel:

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