Michelle Obama's facialist just revealed the secret to her radiant complexion. From light therapy masks to collagen peptide powders to facial oils, find out exactly how the former FLOTUS gets her glow on.

By Susan Brickell
January 18, 2019
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I think we can all agree that Michelle Obama always looks radiant. Whether on her book tour, vacationing with Barack, or casually running errands, the former FLOTUS is the definition of flawless. Not only is she one of our style icons (she slayed in that canary yellow dress and those  on her tour!), but we'd also seriously consider selling our souls for Mrs. Obama's gorgeous glow.

Obama trusts Montreal-based skin whisperer  with her skin. With 20 years of experience, Brodeur customizes skin serums and prescribes facial routines to clients (like Oprah!) that improve skin tone and fight signs of aging.

While radiant skin starts from within (think: a healthy diet and lifestyle), topical treatments can boost your glow. Brodeur, who has worked with Obama since 2014, just revealed the routine she uses on the former FLOTUS for a gorgeous, dewy look in an interview with the website .

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Before a speaking engagement, Brodeur gives Obama a collagen-based vitamin C facial by infusing gel-based collagen with vitamin C and oxygen to help skin absorb the topical treatment. Brodeur then follows the facial with an LED device, which helps amp up skin's glow. While light therapy gadgets can be expensive, this splurge-worthy  ($249; ) is actually FDA-approved to treat periorbital wrinkles—the fine lines around the eyes and lips. It also enhances collagen product and improves your skin's overall elasticity and appearance. 

The skin guru also told the website that she always keeps a collagen supplement on hand for Obama, especially a travel-friendly size. "[Collagen] has great electrolytes and hydrates from within," she says.

A popular brand we love:  (starting at $15; ). This collagen powder disappears into your juices and smoothies and doesn't leave behind an unpleasant taste. Traveling light?  are perfect for tossing into your purse or carry-on.

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Amazon.com / Sephora.com

Brodeur also uses one of her own products, , on Obama. This anti-inflammatory facial oil is packed with sunflower seed oil, peony root extract, and licorice root to intensely hydrate skin.

The bad news? At $225, it's also extremely pricey. Fortunately, there are other equally luxurious oils with similar ingredients that will deliver glowing skin like Obama's without breaking the bank. We love ($47; ) and  ($24; ), which both contain sunflower oil to brighten, smooth, and hydrate skin.

Prefer a serum? Try  ($69; ). With vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peony root extract, and licorice root, it will calm, moisturize, even pigmentation, and brighten skin.

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